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Cutis Derma
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CUTIS DERMA CARE, a dermal division of a leading Indian pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor in India, INTRALIFE, established since 2011 with a wide portfolio of over 1500 formulations. CUTIS DERMA CARE, has specially focused on researching and developing novel dermatological products. The company’s expertise focuses on the formulation of highly effective, yet cosmetically elegant, treatments for application to the skin. Cutis understands that it is the performance of the whole formulation that makes the difference. Cutis’s products are well known amongst dermatologists, general practitioners and patients and are widely prescribed for the treatment of a variety of skin disorders, such as psoriasis, eczema, dry skin conditions and acne, as well as other conditions which can be treated by applied medication.

Cuits Care

Cutis mainly focuses on topically applied medicines for treating skin and other diseases. The work is driven by three inter-related objectives: technological innovation, clinical performance and patient acceptability.This makes the products popular, particularly with patients, and encourages their proper use, so maximising therapeutic, and cost-effective, benefit.Over the years, Cutis has amassed a wealth of technical expertise in formulating bio-available topically applied medicines and has developed several pioneering products, many of which have become brand leaders in their therapeutic categories.

R & D

We are committed to developing new treatments which aim to fulfil unmet needs and improve the quality of life for people living with dermatological conditions. The Cutis R&D function is the cornerstone of our commitment to patient care, and to the continued success and future growth of CUTIS DERMA CARE.